Team Germany: Working for Bike Labyrinth Germany from the office in the Netherlands

Our Account Manager in inside sales shares her experiences

Sigrid has been working at Bike Labyrinth since May 2023 as an Account Manager in inside sales for Team Germany. Even though she works for the German team, she is located in the Netherlands. In the office she can always be heard switching quickly between talking in Dutch, English and German. We asked Sigrid what it’s like to work for the German team from our office.

Sigrid at Altenpflegemesse in Essen

Sigrid has a lot of contact with German customers and prospects and supports our Account Managers who are located in Germany. “It brings me great joy to be able to inspire people with Bike Labyrinth every day!”

“We have been active in the German market for about 3 years now, and more and more nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals appreciate the added value of our motivation program, which is evident in the inquiries we receive. My tasks include scheduling appointments for the German Account Managers, maintaining our CRM system up-to-date, preparing quotes, market research, customer surveys, processing customer feedback, mailings, answering various questions, as well as proofreading texts, and very importantly, conducting after-sales and service conversations.” And all of this is done from our office in The Hague. Luckily Sigrid has no problem switching languages, although we have caught her speaking German to some Dutch speaking colleagues from time to time. “I enjoy speaking foreign languages such as German, English, French, and Spanish.”

Visiting a fair for the first time

“At the end of April, I was at the Altenpflegemesse in Essen with my colleagues, where we had many interesting conversations with customers and prospects, and Bike Labyrinth was, of course, extensively tried out. We always offer interested parties the opportunity to test our motivation program for one week without obligation and free of charge. During the Altenpflegemesse, interested parties even had the chance to win Bike Labyrinth for one month in their facility! The winners have already been informed about this great prize.”

Pflege Plus Messe in Stuttgart - May 14th to 16th

From May 14th to 16th of this year, you are cordially invited to the Pflege Plus Messe in Stuttgart, where you can find Bike Labyrinth in Hall 4 (ABG booth 4D10) daily from 9 am to 5 pm. But will there be prizes? “Of course, we also raffle this great prize here!”. You can find your access to a free ticket here.

New routes through Germany

It’s no accident that Sigrid's German is so good. As a student she moved to Germany. “Stuttgart, where I lived for 5 months during my studies, is naturally also available as a route on Bike Labyrinth. This year, new routes will also be filmed in Baden-Württemberg and other federal states. Our film team surprises us every time with the most beautiful routes. Almost every month there are new routes available on Bike Labyrinth, therefore, don't forget to regularly update.”

Stuttgart, Germany

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