Warranty conditions

All products purchased from Bike Labyrinth are subject to legal warranty. That means that products are or should perform to the customer's reasonable and legitimate expectations. Some products are also subject to an additional Bike Labyrinth warranty. This warranty has no bearing on the legal warranty.


Bike Labyrinth Unlimited Plan parts, hardware, and software are covered by a two-year warranty, whereas Bike Labyrinth Secure Plan subscribers enjoy five years of coverage. The warranty period enters into force on the delivery date. Any exercise machines delivered at the same time enjoy up to two years of warranty. Customers may only file warranty claims after having complied with all their obligations vis-a-vis Bike Labyrinth. Redelivery, replacement, or repair does not extend or renew the warranty period. Bike Labyrinth shall become the owner of any replacement parts.

Warranties are non-transferable and only apply to the initial buyer.

Warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • normal wear and tear, replacement of parts inherently susceptible to wear and tear, defects caused by wear and tear, or where consumables are concerned
  • defects caused by overdue maintenance
  • defects caused by auxiliary equipment, additional equipment, or other accessories not supplied or recommended by Bike Labyrinth
  • defects due to use beyond the intended purpose
  • defects caused by product mishandling or product use not in accordance with the product’s user guide
  • defects caused by external factors, e.g., animals, lightning, excessive voltage, fire, natural disaster, transport, or water
  • change, removal, or rendering illegible of the model or serial number on the product
  • inability to display the order confirmation
  • opening, repair, and/or modification of the product by an unauthorized company or person
  • improper functioning of the product due to service provider access or connection-related problems, e.g., network access interruptions, subscriber outages or malfunctions, local network failures, and high voltage network failures
  • product failure to work properly because it was not originally designed, manufactured, or approved for use in the country in which it is used (This problem may arise for product exports outside the European Union.)
  • products not purchased from Bike Labyrinth or an authorized Bike Labyrinth seller

The warranty is limited to compensation and/or repair of direct damage to the product and/or defects thereof. No additional right to claim damages from Bike Labyrinth is covered by this warranty.

Bike Labyrinth elects to extend this warranty for repair, replacement of defective parts, and product replacement. Bike Labyrinth is entitled to replace defective products with an equivalent product. The defective product shall become the property of Bike Labyrinth. After replacement of the defective product by an equivalent (replacement) product, the remaining warranty period applies from the date on which the original product that was replaced was delivered.

Warranty service steps

Customers with a defective product must contact Bike Labyrinth and agree to have said defective product sent for warranty service should Bike Labyrinth deem it necessary. To this end, Bike Labyrinth requires the following information: the serial number (found on the product), your proof of purchase, a description of the damages, and your customer contact details. After submitting this information, Bike Labyrinth will send instructions and/or information on how to proceed.

Please pack the product carefully before shipping to avoid transport damage when sending by mail. Make sure to enclose your personal contact data, telephone number, and a damage description. Bike Labyrinth will notify you about the delivery address before shipping.

Unless agreed otherwise (and confirmed by Bike Labyrinth in writing), all costs related to shipping the product to Bike Labyrinth are for your own account. Bike Labyrinth is never liable for any potential product damage or loss during shipping or transport.

Contacting the Helpdesk

Please contact your local reseller for issues with Bike Labyrinth. You can do that via our contact form.

Bike Labyrinth Warranty Service

For products reported for repairs, Bike Labyrinth will first check whether the product is still under repair warranty. If the product is not or is no longer under warranty, Bike Labyrinth will notify you and provide you with a repair estimate. If your product is no longer under warranty and you decide to have it repaired anyway, then you consent to the repair and shipping costs incurred by Bike Labyrinth. Should you refuse repairs, then you agree to reimburse Bike Labyrinth for the inspection costs of €160, including VAT, for which Bike Labyrinth will issue an invoice. Bike Labyrinth will return your product after receipt of payment.

For products still under warranty, Bike Labyrinth will determine whether the product can be fixed. If a product is found not to be under warranty during repairs, then all repair activities will immediately come to a halt. Subsequently, the customer will be informed in detail of the repair costs and why the warranty does not cover the defect. At this point, the customer may decide whether repairs should resume or proceed (at the customer’s expense).