Cycle into the world
Biking without borders for all

With over 650 interactive cycling routes from all over the world – Bike Labyrinth helps restore customer, patient, and resident self-confidence so that they have fun cycling again.

Your own seat

Even if you can’t cycle on your own anymore, you can still enjoy a relaxing ride from your seat.

Left or right?

Choosing to turn left or right puts the cyclist back in charge.

User friendly

Just press the button to switch Bike Labyrinth on and start cycling.

Bike Labyrinth virtual bike riding

Bike Labyrinth allows people to virtual bike ride indoors. There are more than 650 interactive bike routes that you can cycle online. If someone stops cycling, the cycling route on the screen will stop. This encourages people to keep moving. At intersections, the cyclist chooses his own direction; this way he can explore a city, village or nature reserve in different ways. The beautiful images and ambient sounds provide a realistic cycling experience, so that people enjoy moving again.

Virtual cycling elderly

Not only the elderly cycle virtually with Bike Labyrinth. In addition to frequent use in elderly care, it is also widely used in care for the disabled, rehabilitation centers and hospitals. People who cannot cycle outside independently can take virtual bicycle tours with Bike Labyrinth and still discover the world. The realistic cycling experience brings the outdoors in and makes people feel like they are out and about.

Indoor cycling with THERA-Trainer or MOTOmed

Cycling on a MOTOmed or THERA-Trainer, it really becomes fun in combination with Bike Labyrinth! Cycling on a exercise bike with Bicycle Labyrinth provides recognition, distraction and conversation, so that people cycle longer and improve their condition in a relaxed way.

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