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Rolstoel voor de Fietslabyrint opstelling
Bike Labyrinth offers interactive virtual bike tours, intended for people for whom a bike ride outside is no longer an option. Bike Labyrinth is a simple concept that greatly increases the joy of exercising and thus contributes to quality of life.
At many intersections you can turn left or right within the tour, allowing you to explore a city in many different ways. More detailed information about Bike Labyrinth can be found on our product page.

Most important things to know about our product.

There are more than 300 bike tours at home and around the globe.
Bike Labyrinth is easy to operate with just two buttons.
Sounds of passing traffic and children playing enhance the cycling experience. 
Moments of choice give the rider a sense of autonomy as they explore.
Bike Labyrinth can be connected to any stationary trainer or exercise bike.


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Bike Labyrinth BBC World News Dementia interview

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Below one of our bike tours is shown randomly. On our page Bike tours you will find an overview of all available bike tours.
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