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Bike Labyrinth

Bike Labyrinth is a system that allows people to take interactive bike tours through cities and nature reserves at home and abroad. The screen on which the cycling routes are displayed is connected to a hometrainer or other exercise machine. When the cyclist stops pedaling, the bike route on the screen pauses too. The 'footage’ is lifelike and realistic, and at pivotal moments, the cyclist decides which way they’ll go. The result is a unique experience. Bike Labyrinth makes routine exercise easy and relaxed – and it helps bring the feel of the outdoors in.

Absolutely! You can purchase a version of Bike Labyrinth that hooks up to your bed bike. If you’d like to purchase a Bike Labyrinth with a bed bike, just use our contact form to let us know.

The price depends on whether you are buying Bike Labyrinth including an exercise machine or without, which exercise machine and the duration of your subscription. You can either subscribe to Bike Labyrinth for two or five years. With a subscription you have access to all routes, games and updates. Request a free quote for specific information.


That depends. Most routes are between 15 and 20 minutes, but longer tours are also available. Plus, if you come to the end of a route, you can always start a new one. And you can also switch tours midway.

All Bike Labyrinth routes are labeled with a sensory setting so that aides can decide which route is best for the user. We recommend routes with a ‘Calm’ sensory setting for elderly users with dementia. Many nature routes are especially good, although routes through the village or town where the cyclist was born or grew up are also helpful. Depending on their abilities, some cyclists may also benefit from the ‘Everyday’ setting. The highest sensory setting is ‘Energizing’.

Yes! You can request that we design a Customized Route, or you can film your own! Just plug a USB stick in to ride the route on Bike Labyrinth.

Here's how:

  1. Launch Bike Labyrinth and grab your mouse.
  2. Click the gear (top right).
  3. Select ‘Favorites’ from the left side of the menu (green bar).
  4. Click one of the empty fields and then select the continent or theme.
  5. Select a country and then a route. The route will automatically be added to your favorites. You can set up to 12 favorite routes.

Attention: your 12 favorite routes remain in the system when your subscription expires. Unless you renew your subscription, these routes can no longer be changed.

It’s an option, but it isn’t a permanent setting. This is one of the features you can switch on or off in Bike Labyrinth’s settings.

Filming a unique route doesn’t have to be complicated, but good preparation is half the battle. Read our article on how to film your routes to ensure you get it right.

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