What is Bike Labyrinth?

Bike Labyrinth gives users the opportunity to explore the world without boundaries and recall past experiences. Bike Labyrinth offers the complete package, is easy to use and fun for everyone.

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What is Bike Labyrinth?

Bike Labyrinth enables people who are no longer able to go outdoors independently to enjoy virtual, interactive bike tours. The screen on which the virtual routes are displayed is connected to a hometrainer or other exercise machine. When the cyclist stops pedalling, the route on the screen is paused. The images are realistic and cyclists are given the option to choose in which direction they want to bike at intersections, creating a unique experience. Bike Labyrinth makes it easy to keep moving in a relaxed atmosphere at the user’s own pace. Bringing a bit of the outside indoors.

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  1. The cyclist or supervisor selects a route from the menu and chooses between left and right at intersections, using the yellow and blue buttons.
  2. When the cyclist stops pedalling, the route on the screen will pause.
  3. The on-screen bike tours trigger memories, provide distraction and promote social interaction. People will be inclined to keep moving and improve their condition in a relaxed manner. As such, Bike Labyrinth improves quality of life while making it easier for people to keep active in a fun setting.
  4. Bike Labyrinth can be connected to all hometrainers and exercise machines.

Bike Labyrinth subscription

Bike Labyrinth consists of a 43-inch TV screen, movable TV stand, computer with Bike Labyrinth software and control set. You can choose between a two or five year subscription. A subscription includes over 700 routes, choosing at intersections, updates and our two games. Once your subscription is finished, you can easily renew.

What are the pros of a Bike Labyrinth subscription?

  • Unlimited (offline) access licence to 700+ cycling routes
  • Warranty on all parts, software and hardware
  • Access to 2 fun games that stimulate cognitive function and memory
  • The option to cycle routes that you filmed yourself, using a USB stick
  • 15 new routes available for easy download every three months
  • Choose your direction at intersections
  • A life-like cycling experience with sounds of passersby, birds and traffic
  • A map to figure out where you are

After the two or five years, access to all the cycling routes can be extended by one year. You pay the applicable price for this. Access to all routes is not tacitly renewed. If you choose not to extend your license, you lose access to all the cycling routes, barring the 12 favorite routes that you selected. Without a Bike Labyrinth subscription, you will not have access to the new routes, nor will you have the option of downloading additional routes. You will not be able to use your own filmed routes, nor will you have access to the 2 games.

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Virtual cycling with Bike Labyrinth