About Bike Labyrinth

In 2007, three students started an assignment for the master's degree in Media Technology. It was their sole aim of obtaining a passing grade, unaware that this would be the start of a product that 10 years later helps people all over the world to get active & healthy. Four years after their assignment things truly got started when Ella and Job decided to start Bike Labyrinth in 2011.

Fietslabyrint Founders Ella Job.png
Job de Reus & Ella Keijzer, founders of Bike Labyrinth

Our vision

We want to get as many people moving as possible, regardless of age, disability or rain.

Our mission

Bike Labyrinth makes it possible to discover the world without borders, to reminisce and to keep moving in a simple way through virtual and interactive bicycle tours. From polder to metropolis!

Why Bike Labyrinth?

  • Unparalleled video quality
  • High number of routes (600+) of high quality and diverse landscapes
  • It's interactive; the user can determine the routes himself
  • Bike Labyrinth is very user-friendly and simple to use. It starts with 1 push of a button
  • Bike Labyrinth can be used independently by end users and thus relieves healthcare staff
  • Excellent service focused on interaction
  • Can be connected to any exercise bike or machine
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