Celebrate spring with these blossom routes!

Spring is officially here! Unfortunately, it may not feel like it every day yet, but with this blossom collection, you'll definitely get into a sunny mood. Cycle past beautiful pink trees, fields of hyacinths, or through the green forest in Amsterdam.

5 new routes, now on Bike Labyrinth

  • Almere in bloom, the Netherlands
  • Betuwe in bloom, the Netherlands
  • Tulip Fields, the Netherlands
  • Ockenburg Hyacinth forest, the Netherlands
  • Zwaakse Weel in bloom, the Netherlands

Amsterdam Forest, the Netherlands

Besides these 5 new routes, you'll also find the route through the Amsterdam Forest in this collection. This one was already available on Bike Labyrinth, but you might not have downloaded it yet, and it's definitely worth doing this spring!

Blossom, the Netherlands

Downloading routes

Haven’t downloaded a route before? We’ll walk you through it. Go to your Bike Labyrinth and make sure you have a mouse connected. Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen. Make sure you have the latest version of Bike Labyrinth before you start downloading new routes. You can find your current version on the bottom right. Don’t have version 4.5.0d? Update by clicking on Update. On this page you can also check if you are connected to the internet. Still offline? Connect Bike Labyrinth to the internet first. Once your Bike Labyrinth is online you can click on the button Check for update. If an update is needed you can now click on Install update. Now you can download new routes without a worry.

Continue downloading routes by returning to Settings. Next, click on Downloads. If your Bike Labyrinth is online you will see an overview of routes that are available for download. Need a bit more help? Check our instruction video with subs here..