Why do we film so many new routes?

Ever wonder why we have more than 750 routes, all filmed by colleagues, available on Bike Labyrinth? Although some clients do, not everyone feels like cycling all these routes. So then the question remains: why not stop after 100 routes?

Strand Curaçao
Washington Slagbaai, Bonaire

More social interaction

A very important part of Bike Labyrinth for us is the social aspect. By cycling familiar routes, you can easily start a conversation, ask approachable questions or even reminisce together. To do this, it is very important that there is a familiar route available for you, but also for your grandmother, neighbor, second cousin and distant friend. Since Bike Labyrinth is not only in the Netherlands, but also in 20+ other countries, we want to capture as many routes as possible. Something for everyone.

Retrieving memories

With this idea in mind, Timothy, Film Coordinator, left for Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao this year. For almost three weeks he went around all the islands to film as many routes as possible. The ABC Islands are the birthplace of many Dutch people and therefore indispensable for Bike Labyrinth. When you no longer live in the country where you were born, or where relatives of yours live, it is extra special to be able to virtually visit these routes. For example, Bemmelflat Samen shared the story of a lady from Suriname, who cycled virtually through Suriname just before she passed away. A very valuable memory that she enjoyed talking about.

Filmcoördinator Timothy en bestuur Nierstichting Curaçao
Film coordinator Timothy and board of the Kidney Foundation Curaçao

ABC Islands on Bike Labyrinth

All the major cities and beautiful places on the islands are of course recorded. In addition to the "normal" bike routes through the cities and villages, some special routes were also included. For example, Timothy filmed underwater, sat in several boats for routes across the water and even took to the air in a helicopter. In any case, we can't wait for the beautiful footage.

Kidney Foundation Curaçao

In Curaçao, Timothy also visited the Kidney Foundation Curaçao. Last summer they already visited our headquarters and now Timothy was able to see the two newly delivered Bike Labyrinths in action. The foundation's wishes for the different routes were also discussed, because with two systems on the island, these new routes obviously cannot be missing.

In addition to the busy film schedule, Timothy also made time for two interviews on television and one on the radio. Locally, there was a lot of interest in Bike Labyrinth and what this system can do for the dialysis patients of the Kidney Foundation Curaçao, for example.

For all the new routes on the ABC Islands, you will have to be patient. The Filmteam still has to prepare the footage before you can cycle the virtual routes through Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao on your Bike Labyrinth. Want to know more about how we film our routes? Read it here. And to be the first to know when the routes are released, sign up for our newsletter here.