Virtual cycling through the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

From February 19th, you can virtually cycle through the Rijksmuseum with Bike Labyrinth! This brand new route is a real experience. Are you also organizing a day out in your care facility?

Discover our newest route through the Rijksmuseum

For many people, the Rijksmuseum is a well-known museum. Perhaps you've been there with school before, your neighbor is a huge Rembrandt fan, or you've always dreamed of visiting Amsterdam and walking through the halls of this impressive museum. Whether you've been there or not, you've probably seen the photos of the many tourists. For Bike Labyrinth, we really wanted to capture this piece of art so that everyone, regardless of location, care or age, can still enjoy the beautiful museum. And fortunately, the Rijksmuseum is more than happy to cooperate.

A day out at the Rijksmuseum

Will you also download the new route? Then organize a virtual outing in your care facility to the Rijksmuseum. First, take the (virtual) train from The Hague to Amsterdam and then cycle together through the Rijksmuseum while admiring the paintings of the Dutch masters. The route starts outside the Rijksmuseum and then takes you through the gallery of honor (or first cycle through the Rijksmuseum gardens). Here you can see, among others, 'The Milkmaid,' 'The Threatened Swan,' and the 'Self-portrait as the apostle Paul.' To finish the day, you could enjoy a cup of coffee and a delicious piece of cake. This way, you give people the opportunity to go out together again for a day. Bike Labyrinth is not just exercise, but also an experience to enjoy together.

Virtual Rijksmuseum Route

Loneliness among the elderly

With this campaign of a 'Day out to the Rijksmuseum,' we want to contribute to a persistent problem: loneliness among the elderly. By recalling memories together, doing fun things, and starting an easy conversation, life can feel a lot less lonely.

Unfortunately, loneliness is still a major problem among the elderly, and mental health is also very important. A day out is no longer easy to achieve for this group. This Bike Labyrinth route makes it possible.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Download the Rijksmuseum route

Haven’t downloaded a route before? We’ll walk you through it. Go to your Bike Labyrinth and make sure you have a mouse connected. Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen. Make sure you have the latest version of Bike Labyrinth before you start downloading new routes. You can find your current version on the bottom right. Don’t have version 4.5.0d? Update by clicking on Update. On this page you can also check if you are connected to the internet. Still offline? Connect Bike Labyrinth to the internet first. Once your Bike Labyrinth is online you can click on the button Check for update. If an update is needed you can now click on Install update. Now you can download new routes without a worry.

Continue downloading routes by returning to Settings. Next, click on Downloads. If your Bike Labyrinth is online you will see an overview of routes that are available for download. Need a bit more help? Check our instruction video with subs here..