Need some extra motivation for your clients to exercise and cycle?

Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate clients to exercise or cycle. In this case it may help to organize a competition element. A care centre in the Netherlands has organized a competition where you could stamp different summer routes on the stamp card. “To further motivate residents, we have made key rings with a small bicycle on them. Everyone with a full stamp card will receive such a key ring.” This worked so well that 25 residents eventually cycled with the campaign. And of course they all received a key ring.


Organizing a competition helps a lot in motivating the residents. It gives that extra push that is sometimes needed. Another additional effect is that residents discover different and new routes. “We mainly cycle through nearby towns or holiday destinations. The stamp cards force the cyclist to also discover other routes. Prague turned out to be very popular. A very beautiful city that the residents would love to cycle again.”

You can download our stamp cards below. With each route your client has cycled they will receive a stamp on their card. If your clients card is full, you could give them a price such as a medal or even a piece of a delicious cake.