The most fun games for seniors to get moving

How do you make exercise fun for the elderly? Games are a very good solution! And fortunately, there are many options. Games stimulate your brain, but it’s especially fun to play a game together. In addition, games that cause you to get moving are ideal for seniors who are often cold. We have listed our favorite exercise games.

1. Jeu de Boules

For many, this game with metal balls is well known (and loved). All you need is a set of metal balls and someone to choose the rules of the game that will be followed. For the elderly who are not very mobile, you can always set up chairs so that when it's not their turn, they can enjoy watching the game while sitting down. This game is perfect if you're looking for a combination of exercise, rest and a pleasant conversation (or not so pleasant, if the participants are a bit too competitive).

Schaken voor ouderen
Game of giant chess

2. Music quiz

A music quiz may not immediately sound like an exercise game, but it certainly can be, because who can stay still when your favorite song is played? Ask residents in advance to fill out a list about their favorite band, most beloved summer hit, the number one hit from their birth year and the song with the most memories. Make a list of all the songs and have participants guess which song belongs to whom. We are sure arms (and maybe even hips) will be swung. And if you dare, you can also make a karaoke version.

3. Sitting volleyball

Sitting volleyball is an ideal game for the elderly. If a ball hits too hard, we recommend using a balloon or inflatable ball. Thus, just throwing a balloon can already be very entertaining, but with a net between the two sitting teams you make it even more exciting. Will both teams manage to keep throwing the balloon over the net? The movement is not too challenging if you play with enough players. You mainly get moving when the balloon comes near you, so put the most competitive players in the middle!

Zit volleybal
Sitting volleyball with a balloon

4. Escape room

An escape room is great fun to do with friends or colleagues. It's exciting, you have to rack your brains and sometimes even (literally) twist in the craziest corners. That probably sounds like a not so suitable game for older people, but organizing an escape room on location can actually be a lot of fun and create a sense of togetherness. How do you organize this? Make groups of about four to six people and have them all start in a different room. Here they have to solve a puzzle. This can be anything: a riddle, jigsaw puzzle, game of checkers, cards, darts, you name it. If the game is successful, they get a letter, for example. After they have been to all the rooms and collected all the letters, these form a word. The group that managed to do this first, wins. You make it as big or small as you want. By organizing the activities in different rooms you provide a good amount of exercise.

5. Bike Labyrinth

Of course, we cannot write an article about games to get moving without mentioning Bike Labyrinth. Cycling with Bike Labyrint can already be considered a game, but it also features two games. For example, in "Balloon Bursting," you have to choose between the yellow or blue balloon at the right time. And in "Where am I?," you pay close attention to where you're cycling. Two options appear on the screen: 'Are you cycling through Paris or Amsterdam?'. Now that's probably an easy example, but there are plenty of places that are more similar than you think. Will your residents manage to get a score of 10/10? Share it on LinkedIn or Facebook! We're curious.

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