The best time for fundraising: Het Buitenhuis shares their tips

You've decided to invest in healthcare technology that will make the daily lives of your patients, clients or residents more enjoyable. But how do you take the next step and secure the right funding? We spoke to Marjoleine van den Broek, project leader at Het Buitenhuis, the Netherlands. She talks about how they saved for Bike Labyrinth and gives tips to institutions that want to do the same.

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"A healthcare technology intern researched innovations in healthcare technology for us. This is how Respite Farm Het Buitenhuis came across Bike Labyrinth and they decided to save for it. "Especially that the system is very experience based really appeals to us," said Marjoleine.

Sponsorship plan

Then it was time for a plan. Through an ongoing sponsorship plan, Het Buitenhuis already has some warm connections, but a good action was still important. They tried Bike Labyrinth for two weeks for free to see if they liked it. This proved to be a very valuable addition. "The trial system was in a good central location. This allowed potential donors to cycle and experience Bike Labyrinth themselves for a while. This captures the imagination much more than just an explanation and makes people more willing to donate."

Be concrete

The most important tip Marjoleine gives is to specifically describe what you want to raise money for. "The trial placement also allowed us to take a lot of photos and videos of residents enjoying cycling. We used these for an action on social media. This allowed us to be very specific about what we need money for. From there we set up a fundraiser and called on our network to donate money." Show what you need money for and especially what this would mean for your residents. "People are more willing to donate if they can directly see what they are contributing to."


Finally, the timing of your action also helps. At Het Buitenhuis, for example, they held the action at the end of the year. "Many foundations still had money leftover and were thus willing to donate," Marjoleine says.

Meanwhile, the residents of Het Buitenhuis have been enjoying their Bike Labyrinth for several months thanks to fundraising efforts.