Indoor cycling – Stay active, even when it's raining!

Weather can be a significant deterrent when it comes to our daily exercise routine. You may feel like going for a bike ride, but when it's pouring outside, that desire tends to fade away quickly. Fortunately, there's a solution to stay active nonetheless: indoor cycling. Cycling on a stationary bike may sound less exciting than cycling outdoors, but with these tips, you can make indoor cycling just as challenging.

Cycling through the rain

Indoor cycling with a stationary bike

Having a stationary bike at home is a fantastic way to cycle indoors, regardless of the weather outside. These stationary bikes provide an excellent means to work on your cardio while being comfortable in your own home. Adjust the resistance, choose your favorite workout program, and start pedaling while listening to music or a podcast, watching TV, or using a cycling app. It's an efficient and enjoyable way to stay in motion.

Desk cycle: movement while seated

An under desk bike is a convenient option for those who want some extra movement while sitting. These compact devices easily fit under a desk or in front of a chair, allowing you to cycle while doing other things, such as working on your computer or watching TV. It's a handy way to stimulate circulation and keep your legs active even during extended periods of sitting. This way, you can still get enough exercise, even on days spent at the office. Moreover, it's beneficial if you're not as mobile and prefer not to sit on an exercise bike saddle; you'll be more comfortable on your own chair.

App for cycling enthusiasts

An app can make cycling much more enjoyable. Instead of staring at a wall, immerse yourself in a whole new world through an app. You can explore the entire globe from your own living room through virtual cycling routes. While cycling, you need to stay focused, as there are decision points where you choose whether to turn right or left. And when you stop pedaling, the screen stops too. So, after your break, you can happily continue your ride.

Indoor activities

In addition to indoor cycling, there are numerous other activities you can do indoors to stay active. Yoga, dancing, aerobics, or even a bodyweight workout are excellent options to raise your heart rate and strengthen your muscles. Mix and match different activities to keep it fun and varied.

Rainy day activities: enjoy indoor exercise

When the rain is tapping against the windows, you don't have to be discouraged. Put on a fun playlist, grab your desk cycle or stationary bike, and enjoy your indoor ride. Remember that every form of movement counts, no matter where you are. So, take the opportunity to be active indoors and enjoy yourself while staying in motion.