Bike down memory lane

To experience the bustle of the metropolis, including cyclists, taxis, crowds of people talking on their smartphones, and busy streets – you’ve got to visit New York City. Or Hong Kong. Seoul? Or even better – Amsterdam! For untouched nature, make your way to the Sahara, Norway, or the Red Rocks in the USA. With over 600 bike routes at home and abroad, through cities and nature – Bike Labyrinth gives you the chance to explore the whole world by bike.


Our bike routes make checking a location off your bucket list easy to say and do. Just click the button, and you’re back at your dream destination. To make all that a reality, the Bike Labyrinth team creates brand-new routes every year. Proof? This year we’re adding a batch of a hundred new bike routes. On top of that, for the ultimate bucket list, we also create custom bike routes. That way, your clients or nursing home residents can really visit all their favorite spots. But how does the team create a route like that?

Ten years ago, the world was our oyster, and every city was up for grabs. Now that we’ve got an impressive 500 routes, we really do have to check the world map, or – let's be honest – Google. Where haven't we been yet, and where can we go? Are there any countries where we can shoot multiple routes in one go, and what highlights and tourist spots are still missing? There are more than enough questions to consider when choosing the next adventure. We also always make sure to bike past the location’s historical sights to make sure we’ve got all those ducks in a row too. Once the country has been selected, there’s already a new puzzle to solve, i.e., mapping the route. And that's involved some serious brainstorming and weight loss. Why? Well, for every turn on a route, a team member has identified and cycled two alternative routes.

Once all the bike routes have been filmed, the video editors get to work. Cycling a Bike Labyrinth route feels like a smooth experience. But in reality, our co-workers get stuck at red lights, have to pause at pedestrian crossings, or places are sometimes too crowded to bike through. We cut the footage and then paste it all back together. And then every turn has to be inserted, followed by some more tech-savvy tweaking. At the end of the day, it’s a challenging and unique journey. Fortunately, all the happy faces seen on Bike Labyrinth users make it more than worth it – by a long shot.

Our bike route bucket list continues to grow, but what we’d really love to know is what our Bike Labyrinth users’ bucket lists look like. Do care center residents ever talk about the bike rides they used to go on? Or the villages they grew up in as kids? Ask them about their favorite routes and especially why they were so special. Maybe they'd love to cycle through their home country or along the beach from that one spectacular vacation. Turning a recollection like that into a custom bike route that takes you past familiar places creates the perfect, personalized route. During the creative process, we keep tabs on the route length (users often have an assigned time limit), make sure it's not raining cats and dogs, and feature the town or village's prettiest sights. Above all, we make sure to include familiar places that will trigger cognitive memory for ultimate recall. That could be a magnificent church, a famous square, or a beautiful city wall. Then we'll start brainstorming and burning calories to relive those memories together.

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