The story behind our routes: trip to the Baltic States

Vanity and Mirre work as Routefilmers and editors at Bike Labyrinth. Last summer they left for the Baltic States for almost 2.5 weeks to film new routes. From carrying all the equipment to losing luggage and getting a flat tire. A lot happens during a trip like this. Vanity tells us all about it.

Baltic States

It sounds like a dream job, but is it really?

In this case, maybe not quite because the first week of the trip we had a lot of bad luck. For the Film Team, this was the first trip taken by plane. With the flights, the bad luck started already with quite a few hours of delay. Once we arrived we could not rent the bus because it was in a different name and on top of it all Mirre's luggage had not arrived either. A lot of bad luck. Fortunately, the trip went a lot better from then on.

What bad luck, did Mirre's luggage still arrive?

Fortunately it did. The capital of Lithuania was the first place we went to film. Every day it became more uncertain whether we would be able to pick up the luggage in time. When it was time to move on to the next city, the airport called us. Just as we were about to turn onto the highway to leave Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania). Mirre's luggage was found and we were able to pick it up quickly! We immediately turned around and the rest of the trip could continue without any worries.

How did the following days go?

A typical filming day starts around eight o'clock or so. We then start with a nice breakfast and then go to start our day. Often we were already in the city where we were going to film, so then you can start right away. A normal, not too complicated route can be filmed in about 1.5/2 hours. Because of the choices in the routes, you cycle a route in different parts. So in pairs you split up the route and both cycle part of the choices in the route.

Hard work so, what do the afternoons look like?

After the route is filmed, it's time for lunch. With just the two of us, this is very nice and a good time to explore the city a bit. Then it's time to travel on to the next location. If the travel is not too long, we will also bike a route that afternoon. After some dinner and checking into the new hotel, it will be time for relaxation.

Canoe tour Baltic States

Will you then have time to explore the city in the evening?

Yes definitely. One of the days we did a canoe tour in the evening. It was already starting to get a little dark and so we saw a beautiful sunset from the water, very cool!

Sounds like a successful trip. Which route is your favorite?

All of our routes are obviously worth biking (virtually). But there is one specific route I can't wait for! The Viru Swamp in Estonia is one of the most beautiful routes I've filmed. Through the swamp runs a walking path where you can enjoy all the views. It's totally different from a walking route through the Netherlands for example and that's what makes it so much fun.