The best place for your Bike labyrinth

You have a Bike labyrinth, but you notice that people are not cycling as enthusiastically as you had hoped. This can be caused by the location of your Bike Labyrinth. It is very important to get the most out of your bike. In this article we give 6 tips to get the best out of your Bike Labyrinth.

Bike Labyrinth in an open space

1. Public space

Place your Bike Labyrinth in a publicly accessible location. This way, residents can go to the spot themselves to go for a bike ride. Good visibility will generate interest and lower the barrier to cycling. It also allows other residents to watch the screen and promotes social interactions.

2. Visible for everyone

It works very well if Bike Labyrinth is immediately visible when you walk in. For example, place the system at the end of the hall, next to a door or under the stairwell next to the entrance. Make sure the system's screen is visible when you walk in. That way everyone can join in on the virtual tours being cycled.

3. Put some chairs around it

Bike Labyrinth not only works well as a motivator to exercise, it is also an icebreaker! The bike rides bring back memories and stories for everyone. The chairs invite other residents to cycle alongside the system, watch along and start a conversation. And maybe it will inspire them to take a ride themselves, too.

Cycling with mulitple people at the same time

4. Keep the quick guide handy

If residents, patients or family members are using Bike Labyrinth for the first time, they may not fully know how the system works. Therefore, make sure the quick guide (download it here) is taped next to Bike Labyrinth on the wall, for example. This way, everyone can easily take a tour and you can also peek yourself if you don't remember something.

5. Decorate the room

Unleash your creativity and decorate the space around Bike Labyrinth. For example, DSV Leven location Salem created a summer setup during our summer campaign. This obviously looks very cozy and invites you to get behind your bike.

6. Involve family, friends and volunteers

Tell all of your clients' family, friends and acquaintances about Bike Labyrinth. Encourage them to take your clients on a journey and make memories from the past. Volunteers can also play a big role in getting clients to exercise more. For example, appoint some volunteers to bike with Bike Labyrinth. They can then pick up clients and bring them to Bike Labyrinth to take virtual rides together.

Is your Bike Labyrinth in a nice spot or have you decorated the space nicely? Share your photos on Facebook or Instagram with the #BikeLabyrinth to inspire others!