"I feel like I have a piece of my freedom back again"

After a brain hemorrhage, Simon Kooistra came in contact with Bike Labyrinth. At the rehabilitation center, he just wanted to cycle, preferably through Wassenaar where he and his wife had lived for a very long time. His wife passed away last year and during the route through Wassenaar he sees memories on every corner. After a successful rehabilitation, he and his daughter decided to purchase Bike Labyrinth themselves.

Simon cycling with Bike Labyrinth

"I was known as that stubborn man in the rehabilitation ward. I only wanted to cycle and only wanted to go through Wassenaar. Bike Labyrinth has really been my salvation in this. I am paralyzed on the left and these virtual bike rides are the only thing I can do completely independently."

Simon and his wife have traveled around the world together. From Indonesia to New Zealand, memories are everywhere. "That's the beauty with these bike tours, it's really like being there for a moment," he said.

All the memories made during your travels come back while cycling. It is as if my wife is sitting on the back of my bike.

Simon Kooistra

The fact that there is suddenly a Bike Labyrinth in his home has not gone unnoticed by his neighbors, of course. Many single elderly people live in his neighborhood whom he is only too happy to invite for a cup of coffee and a bike ride. "One of my neighbors is from The Hague and he wanted to bike around there. He was so absorbed in the experience that when he cycled past his son's house, he wanted to get off the bike to ring the bell and say hello."

I have my freedom back

"I feel like I have some of my freedom back. I can decide when and where I go cycling, regardless of the weather or time of day." Simon has fortunately recovered fairly well from his brain hemorrhage, but exercise is still important, of course. "I bike every other day for about 30 to 45 minutes. After cycling I really feel that I have done something and that my heart has made an effort. This year I'll be 85 and if I keep on cycling like this, I hope to even make it to 100."