Bike Labyrinth expands with routes through Turkey

Bike Labyrinth is expanding with a new country! Turkey will also be added to the assortment of routes from February 2021. ‘Our’ cyclist Hossam has cycled through Turkish cities this summer (Covid-19 proof!) to capture the new routes.

Istanbul Turkije.png
Istanbul, Turkey

The new additions are of course wonderful for everyone to cycle, but are particularly aimed at Turkish elderly people who are currently living in nursing or care homes. For them it will be extra special to reminisce about famous streets and buildings where they grew up. Bike Labyrinth wants to offer these Turkish elderly people a special experience in which they can cycle through the places where they grew up, now that it may no longer be possible to visit those places in real life. The new cycling routes offer a lovely alternative and at the same time help to keep moving in a simple way. The new bike tours take you through Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, Antalya, the Lycian Way and Pamukkale.

Hossam's journey was not only memorable because of the beautiful landscape, BIke Labyrinth worked closely with the Dutch embassy in Turkey to get everything done. Through the embassy we were linked to international film agency Moskitos Films. We were assigned a "runner", Toygar, who helped us with all permits and permission for filming at all locations. Also, Hossam even cycled a bit together with the ambassador, Marjanne de Kwaasteniet. She was so enthusiastic that she also posted a tweet about her bike ride. Cycling is seen as something truly Dutch and therefore generated lots of enthusiasm from the embassy and locals alike.

Hossam has previously filmed great locations for Bike Labyrinth, including Morocco and Japan, but Turkey has nevertheless made quite an impression. “I will never forget Istanbul. It's a place where you really see two civilizations coming together, that's so special. The image I previously had of Turkey is now completely different, it is so modern and free. It really is a great country, with such hospitable people and delicious cuisine. I still dream of the lentil soup I ate in Ankara! This visit certainly left me wanting more, I really want to go back again, ”said Hossam.

From April 2021, the new Turkish routes are included in the new software update and everyone can cycle through Turkey. You just have to make the lentil soup yourself!