What is Bike Labyrinth?

Bike Labyrinth is displayed through a screen in front of a home trainer or exercise trainer and is widely used in Europe at rehabilitation and elderly care facilities. On the menu screen a choice can be made from one of the many routes through various cities around the world and nature. The tour starts simply when the user starts pedaling. Our city routes take cyclists through bustling markets, grand boulevards, and secluded alleyways. We also offer a range of more tranquil bike tours without choices such as routes along the windmills in Holland, Lake Garda in Italy, blossoming cherry trees in Japan, or on a paddleboat over the Amsterdam canals. For those who can not go outside to enjoy a bike ride, Bike Labyrinth is an opportunity to continue to explore the outside world.

Target audience

Bike Labyrinth targets healthcare facilities, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers and other institutions where interactive cycling can provide added value. After several years of experience, we have seen people with mild dementia experience improved cognitive function after using Bike Labyrinth, especially as they pedal through former hometowns or other familiar environments.

The added value of Bike Labyrinth

We notice that users enjoy the feeling of actually going somewhere. But Bike Labyrinth is more than just a nice bike ride. Here are some reasons why our product provides added value:
Motivation to move
Bike Labyrinth challenges users to continue cycling without it being perceived as a chore. It appeals to the curiosity in users to see what is happening around the next corner. The video on the screen pauses when the cyclist stops moving, so the user has the incentive to keep going. Users no longer pay attention to the time and reach their necessary amount of exercise, training their strength and fitness. Research shows that elderly people living in care facilities often suffer from a lack of exercise, while exercise is essential to stay healthy.
Explore the world outside
Through Bike Labyrinth it is possible to cycle in a safe environment. The routes with directional choices offer the possibility to explore a city in a different way each time, and give the user a sense of autonomy, without having to leave the institution. The recent images keep them in touch with what is happening outside. The sounds of children playing, dogs barking and church bells ringing make the tour extra vivid and provides auditory stimuli.
Users often recognize streets, houses and buildings while cycling, by choosing routes in places they are familiar with. These are important incentives for the brain and give guidance in a world where, for elderly users, recognition is increasingly lost. Reminiscing with caretakers and fellow residents also constitutes a way to talk to each other. We often see a second or third person join along on a neighboring trainer or chair to enjoy the tour together, turning the exercise into a social activity.

Meerde mensen achter 1 installatie
Bike Labyrinth has a CE mark. This means that it complies with European Union (EU) regulations. The marking indicates that we put a lot of effort in developing our software, and the safety of our product. This is very important to us, since our product is often used in retirement homes and hospitals. Bike Labyrinth is an accessory for a medical device. Would you like to know more about the CE mark of our product? Please get in touch with us 
Standaard opstelling van Fietslabyrint - Interactief fietsenStandard setup with a MOTOmed.

A realistic cycling experience encourages more engaged movement.
Cycling together is a fun and accessible way to start a conversation.
There are more than 300 bike tours at home and around the globe.
Cycling through familiar environments reawaken cognitive pathways.
Bike Labyrinth is easy to operate with just two buttons.
Sounds of passing traffic and children playing enhance the cycling experience. /td>
Moments of choice give the rider a sense of autonomy as they explore.
Bike Labyrinth can be connected to any stationary trainer or exercise bike.<

De gebruiker bepaalt zelf waar hij of zij heen gaatThe user decides where to go.
Voorbeeld extra informatieInformation about interesting sights is displayed on the screen while cycling.

Mooiste plekjesThe tours are plotted so that the user passes by the most beautiful spots.
Fietslabyrint is aangesloten op een standaard hometrainerBike Labyrinth can be connected to almost any bike exercise trainer.

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