Indoor cycling with a view

The fact that physical activity is important, is well known at Dutch residential care center De Lijte. "Stimulating exercise in one's own environment is one of the building blocks of our exercise policy", explains physiotherapist Clara Penninga. "People feel better when they exercise and it contributes to a sharp memory. Physical exercise prevents many ailments."
Since the arrival of the Bike Labyrinth, cycling has been a popular activity at De Lijte. Anyone who can still move their legs can take a virtual bike ride. People can choose from more than 250 tours. The screen of the Bike Labyrinth is connected to a MOTOmed movement trainer. This allows the residents to cycle while sitting in an ordinary chair or wheelchair. Penninga: "The Bike Labyrinth provides an incentive to cycle. Every tour takes about fifteen minutes and many people won’t stop until they have reached the end."
Resident Lammie Frieswijk, age 82, often cycles on her own exercise bike, but today she wants to try the Bike Labyrinth: "After five minutes on my exercise bike, I usually do not feel like cycling anymore. Now you have images to watch, I think that would be nice. "Wellness coach Deborah Weinreich selects a tour through Diever, which brings back old memories for Mrs. Frieswijk: "Look, I've often cycled around that church. And there, that terrace I’ve visited very often!"
"If you start a tour, it really seems like you're cycling there," explains Weinreich. There are tours through places in the neighborhood, such as Drachten and Heerenveen, but also through international cities and exotic destinations. "Sometimes the cyclists do not even realize that they’ve been pedaling for fifteen minutes, there is so much to see. Residents who are no longer able to cycle on their own sit next to a cyclist and they enjoy the beautiful images together. So it’s a social activity as well."

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Photo: Sietse de Boer

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