Your Life Story Through A Bike Tour

This summer Bike Labyrinth is involved in a special project: "Your Life Story Through A Bike Tour.” For twenty patients of Huis aan de Dijk, a senior care institution in Deventer, Holland, we created a custom tour to places that are important to them.
The patients are in long term mental health care at Huis aan de Dijk. Niels Visser, movement therapist at Huis aan de Dijk, said: “Your Life Story Through A Bike Tour offers these patients the opportunity to look back at the significant moments, places and environments in their lives. For example, the bike route goes past the house where the patient grew up, where he went to school, where he worked, perhaps where he got married or other places where he has fond memories. By cycling through these places themselves and reflecting on the experience, we hope that patients relive important and beautiful events and realize that their life is valuable."
Biking with Bike Labyrinth is both a physical and social activity. Tours through cities and nature provide distraction and conversation as people train in a relaxed and comfortable way. With "The Bicycle Tour of Your Life Story,” the experience goes a step further. The personalized tours for each patient are part of treatment. We are very proud that Bike Labyrinth may play a leading role in this project and hope that the custom bike routes make a positive contribution to the quality of life of patients at Huis aan de Dijk.
Read more about "Your Life Story Through A Bike Tour” in Dutch on the of Huis aan de Dijk website.

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