What Physiotherapists Are Saying:
  • “Bike Labyrinth motivates to keep cycling longer because it distracts. Clients ask me if they can please continue for a couple more minutes when they are done.”
  • “Bike Labyrinth stimulates social interaction. People walk by, watch the images on the screen  and start talking about that.”
  • “Clients usually choose for the tours in cities they already know. They simply love to cycle while seeing these familiar images.”
  • “Bike Labyrinth contributes to the quality of life.”
What Clients Are Saying:
  • “You see the streets you recognize, and it’s just wonderful to see that because you can’t go there anymore.”
  • “With the screen you can decide for yourself where you want to go.”
  • “I am so fond of the old city centre, I saw the market, the square, the church and all the houses. It looks so real.”
  • “I love cycling with the screen, time passes by more quickly. Usually I’m bored pretty quickly, it is so boring when you’re staring at a wall.”
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