Berlin Let Bike Labyrinth take you to exciting Berlin. This metropolis is the second largest city in Europe and known as an important cultural, political and cultural center. Berlins history start in the 13th century. Through the years there have been many rulers that have influenced the city. 

We start our tour at the Brandeburg Gate. From here we can choose where to go. Are we going towards the Reichstag (German Parliament) or towards Checkpoint Charlie and the Alexanderplatz? Are we going the Museum Island, where we can find some beautiful historical museums? With many choices there is a lot to see and explore in Berlin.

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Choices: 15
End locations: 11
Kilometers: 27 km
Total time: 2 hours and 58 minutes
Sort: With choices
Crowdedness: 3/3

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Rolstoel voor de Fietslabyrint opstelling Bike Labyrinth offers interactive virtual bike tours, intended for people for whom a bike ride outside is no longer an option. Bike Labyrinth is a simple concept that greatly increases the joy of exercising and thus contributes to quality of life.
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