Brussels Brussels is the capital of Belgium, for both Flanders and Wallonia. Officially it's a bilingual city (Dutch - French), but generally people speak French. The name "Brussels" originates from "Bruocsella", which loosely translates to "settlement in the marsh". The city is the administrative center of the European Union and is thus considered as the capital of European Union. Brussels also hosts the head office of the NAVO and the secretariat of the Benelux.

In Brussels we find the famous sculpture “Manneken Pis”, which translates from the Dutch to “small peeing man”, that has over the years grown to be the mascotte of the city. Also we find a lot of food, like the famous waffels, brussels sprouts and of course many delicious Belgian beers.

With Bike Labyrinth you cycle past many different sights and attractions like the big market square (Grote Markt), city hall, the mint (Munt), “manneken pis”, church of our lady (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk), the cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, the chapel church, the centre for fine arts, the European parliament and the royal palace. You’ll even see an old city wall that many tourists are not familiar with.

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