Rome Rome is the capital of Italy, and with 2.7 million inhabitants, it is also the largest city in Italy.

The history of Rome spans over 2500 years, and Rome has developed as one of the most important cities in Western civilization. It was the capital of the Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. Since 1871, Rome has been the capital of Italy. The Pope is the bishop of Rome. He rules Vatican city, a walled enclave in Rome. Vatican city is the smallest indepent state in the world.

Originally Rome was built on seven hills, but these days it stretches all the way to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The historical city center is a UNESCO world heritage site.

During the tour you will see many of the highlights in Rome, like the Colosseum, the Forum Romanum, the Pantheon, St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, the Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps. There are many intersections where a user can decide which way to go, which means that there are many possible routes through Rome.

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