Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro Rio is the capital of Brazil and is world-famous for its crowded beaches like Copocabana and Ipanema. Copocabana is a district in the south of Rio. Its a district of contradictions. It has very luxurious hotels, but also a lot of slums. 

The boulevard has got a very characteristic pavement, a mosaic of black and white marble. You will find similar pavement around the whole city. 

You can choose between two bike tours. You can strut along Copocabana beach or you can choose to cycle towards the mountain with the very well-known statue of Christ, named Christo Redentor (Christ the Saviour). If you take a good look you can see the statue on top of the mountain while cycling. 

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End locations: 1
Kilometers: 4 km
Total time: 22 minutes
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Crowdedness: 1/3


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