Paris Paris, capital of France, city of love. But fashion, art, cafes, food, and music are also part of what Paris has to offer. Paris has plenty of historical buildings, from Notre Dame to the Panthéon to the Eiffel Tower, and is divided by the Seine River. 

This bike tour crosses the centre of Paris where all the highlights will be passed. You can cycle along the Louvre, the Champs-Elysées and of course the Eiffel Tower, which has a height of 324 meters. You can also choose to cycle along the Arc de Triomphe, a triumphal arch wich was build after Napoleons victory in Austerlitz and many other buildings and monuments.

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Choices: 50
End locations: 31
Kilometers: 75 km
Total time: 8 hours and 20 minutes
Sort: With choices
Crowdedness: 3/3

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